When you’re trying to change your look altogether or just add some dimension and pops of color, you can bet that bleach will be involved at some point. Bleach is a miracle worker! It can take a brunette and show them if blondes really do have more fun or take you from ashy to ice queen in no time! As well all know though, bleach can be very damaging to hair and maintenance is a requirement both during and after your service. Bleach can dry your hair out and if applied too often, have you dealing with breakage to boot. So we’re here to give ALL the tips on how to hydrate hair after bleaching!

What is Bleach?

Bleaching your hair is a chemical process that opens the cuticle of the hair and strips it of all color. The bleach penetrates deep into the cortex of the hair to dissolve the color but you won’t quite be Elsa with one bleaching session if your hair is dark. If you’re wanting to go from brunette to platinum, it’s going to take some time. The longer you leave bleach on the hair, the lighter it will become. Basic hair products can assist in the bleaching process to ensure the hair is not too damaged by the end of it all.

How Does Bleach Damage Hair?

Bleach changes the structure of the hair follicles by compromising its elasticity and its porosity. The more porous your hair is, the more open the hair’s cuticle will be and the more open your hair’s cuticle is, the better chance you have of the hair splitting and breaking off. Your hair strands are also made up of fatty acids which are stripped when bleach gets deep into the hair shaft, which causes overall weaker hair.

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What Can I Do About Weak, Dry Hair After Bleaching?

How to Hydrate Hair After Bleaching?

There are basic hair products that everyone should have in their arsenal when trying to hydrate their hair post-bleach. Keep in mind, the products you buy from your hair salon and those that can be purchased from drug stores and grocery stores are not the same. You may even find the same brands at the store that you see in your salon, but oftentimes the formula is not the same. It’s always best to purchase your products right from your hairdresser. Let’s take a look at some basic hair products that will work wonders on bleached hair.



While we all have our own hair goals, it’s important to not let the maintenance of your hair fall by the wayside, especially after bleach. Basic hair products can work wonders for the rehydration and protection of your hair and keep it looking and feeling great in between services. If you’re unsure which products would be right for your hair in its current state, consult your hairdresser! Your stylist knows your hair well and will be able to point you in the right direction as far as products go. Most salons have a product section where you can purchase your new go-to items conveniently after your salon service as well!

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