So, you finally landed an interview for that dream job, you’ve been invited to a formal event, your friends want to go out on the town, or you just want to look good at home. Either way, we’ve all had those moments where we stared into the mirror completely puzzled about how to proceed with our preparations. If your hair is naturally curly, then you’ve probably searched around for how to diffuse curly hair. We’ve had many clients express that they’ve tried every product and method to get their curls perfect but have had no luck. This leaves our curly girls feeling frustrated and ready to give up, but don’t quit just yet! Luckily, hair stylists agree that you can get that gorgeous, bouncy look you so desperately want for your curls in some pretty easy steps! All you need is a couple of products, a blow dryer, and a diffuser attachment. Let’s dive in!

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Prep Hair 

 The first step is always prep! Prepping your hair ensures you’ll get the best possible results. Start by selecting your preferred styling product and run it through your curls in order to shape them. There are several curl definer or curl enhancer products on the market that hair stylists can provide you with, and all of them are formulated to provide your hair with conditioning benefits that will help your curls hold their shape.

How to Diffuse Curly Hair 

Hair Heat Protection

Proper heat conditions are essential when it comes to styling your hair. You want to look great but you also want to protect your beautiful mane at the same time. Hair stylists highly recommend that you treat your hair with a heat protectant before proceeding. This is crucial to remember. Once that’s been accomplished, ensure that your dryer’s lowest heat setting is selected. You want to start with low heat and then increase it as needed. However, if your hairdryer has a “cool” setting, then you should use that on your roots.

Break it Down

It’s time to begin! Remember, this is a methodical process, so break it down into small sections. Start out by drying the ends of your hair. Using the diffuser attachment, cup your hair into it and gently scrunch the curls from the ends up. Many hair stylists will tell you that you should slowly work your way to the roots as you progress through each small working section. 

Do Your Hair Flip

Upside down is the way to go – This might sound crazy if you’re new to this, but hair stylists will tell you that you should flip your head upside down once you’ve gotten some of the moisture out of your hair. This will add volume to your curls and help you access any hard-to-reach spots on the back of your head.

Last but Not Least

Finish it up! Once you’re satisfied with your dry and textured hair, hair stylists highly recommend that you use a finishing product such as moisturizing or shine oil. Massage the product into your hair, and especially your roots, and that’s it! Now your hair looks amazing!


Your hair is a statement of your appearance, so you should give it exceptional treatment. Some hair tips and preparations might seem complex or difficult to follow, but with a little patience and practice, you’ll be able to do it with ease in no time! If you would prefer to have your hair professionally cared for, then we have you covered. Call, visit our website, or drop by our salon and see why we’re the best option for you and your luscious locks!


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