Have you been scouring the internet for Raleigh hair salons that can offer you quality information on how often should you wash your hair? It’s a hot topic of debate with tons of professionals that claim one thing and another will claim the complete opposite. Confusing, right?! It might seem like a mundane and unnecessary task to worry about, but you’d be surprised at the hair health benefits included with timing your hair washes correctly. There are also a few key tips you should be aware of that can help you avoid any unwanted issues with your hair when you do wash it.

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair

 The Age Old Debate

The debate of how often should you wash your hair, is not an easy one to resolve. Any of the quality Raleigh hair salons will tell you that this is because either side of the spectrum can be bad. If you wait for an extended period of time to wash your hair, then you’ll experience a build up of natural oils. This might sound like a good thing, but it ultimately results in bacteria growth, greasy hair, and dead skin cells. Alternatively, if you’re washing your hair every single day, then you risk overstimulating the glands underneath your scalp and this can result in your hair feeling oily or even completely dried out depending on if your hair is naturally oily or dry and damaged. Your search for Raleigh hair salons could also end with you being able to avoid a common pitfall when it comes to hair products.

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Where to Buy Salon Products 

Sometimes, depending on your routine, the products you use are more harmful than the act of washing your hair itself. Several shampoos currently available on the market are extremely harmful to your scalp. Their chemicals can essentially remove all the natural oils from your scalp which will result in your scalp overproducing the natural oils. Several Raleigh hair salons offer safe and effective hair products that won’t dry out your scalp. When in doubt, skip the shampoo but never skip the conditioner! If you’re having a hard time figuring out what products are right for you hair or where to purchase them, our professional stylists at PinUp Studio can definitely point you in the right direction! We have a wide variety of shampoos, conditioners, leave in products, and more for sale right in our salon. 

How Often Should I Wash My Hair? 

Ultimately, the frequency of washing your hair comes down to personal preference. If you live an active lifestyle, then obviously you may want to consider washing your hair every time you sweat and conversely, if you’ve been relaxing for a few days and haven’t broken much of a sweat then you might want to hold off on washing your hair. Your body will let you know if you’re washing your hair too little or too much. Any build up of oils or dandruff will be a clear indicator that it’s time for a change. Try experimenting with different frequencies to see what works best for you and whenever you do decide to wash your hair, consider purchasing high-quality products from our Raleigh hair salons!


Keeping your hair neat and clean can seem like a hassle. Especially since everyone’s body is unique and what works for others might not work for you. So, during your search for Raleigh hair salons, we highly encourage you to come by and see us for a professional recommendation.  Our team of qualified personnel can help point you in the right directions, and are hair products are second to none!

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