Hair extensions are all the rage right now and allow many of us to get the hair of our dreams without having to wait for our hair to grow! There are also times our hair just won’t grow past a certain point due to many factors including genetics, over processing, age, breakage, diet, and other things. Worry not though, hair extensions could be the answer to your hair woes! Like with any investment you make in yourself, you probably have some questions before you take the plunge. The most common question when it comes to hair extensions is how long do hair extensions last? We’ll look further into that and all other things hair extensions!

What are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are a collection of either synthetic or human hair that are combined together to make wefts or warps to make sections that are ready to be added to your natural hair to give you volume, thickness, and longer hair. Hair extension lengths vary and they can be colored, washed, and styled just as your natural hair can be.

Synthetic vs. Human Hair

Both synthetic and human hair extensions have their pros and cons. While hair extension lengths typically come in the same varieties, their durability and lifespans are different. Synthetic hair extensions are made from fibers and tend to have trouble retaining moisture due to lacking natural proteins. Because of this they can also look and feel dryer and rougher. Human hair extensions look and feel much more moisturized and softer.

Synthetic hair extensions can be more difficult to maintain since styling them is tricky. These hair extensions can’t typically be dyed, straightened with a flat iron, or curled. While they have their downfalls, they are less expensive and might be a good starting point to see if hair extensions are right for you before investing in more expensive methods.

Human hair extensions can be pricey but will obviously look more natural, blend well with your natural hair, are silkier and softer, but also require good care and maintenance. You can dye, straighten, and curl these extensions and overall treat them as you would your natural hair. Read more about How Soon Can I dye My Hair Again To Fix it?

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

Different Types of Hair Extensions


Hair extensions can improve the look and feel of your hair, boost confidence, and make your hair goals a reality! Now that we’ve discussed the different types of hair extensions, pros and cons, and their various lifespans, we’re confident that you’ll be able to make an informed decision so you can get out there and strut your stuff–hair flip and all!

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